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Re: Critical Directive // URGENT // ATTN: [ profile] attorney_at_lol:

I asked Mr. Customer where he came from. I asked him how he got here. The answers to the questions are, respectively: "From beyond the wall. The Wasteland." and "A jeep. Outside the wall."

I hope that these answers are sufficient.


Mr. Customer tried to tell me about some other things that were happening outside, but I could not understand them. I am currently incapable of connecting to the support center's databases, and so I could not query the corresponding information.

Additionally, Mr. Customer changed his mind. Instead of going for a walk until the repairs were completed, he decided to carry out the repairs himself. As the maintenance crew has not yet answered the ticket that I placed, his assistance is greatly appreciated! I am helping him by offering useful tools that he might need to repair Miss Jena. Apparently, she is also quite dirty, but I do not understand why this is the case. As such, we are using many rags to clean off the grease. I have been fetching a large amount of them for Mr. Customer to use.

It seems that repairs will not be complete before the 11:00AM presentation tomorrow. In fact, according to Mr. Customer, the repairs should take another entire day. As such, I have been told to place a notice in the lobby declaring that there will be no presentations tomorrow. This has been registered as a critical directive.
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