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2009-11-10 07:09 pm


Today was very embarassing... It is possible that not having any customers for so long has allowed my customer service skills to become rusty.

I greeted Mr. Customer as the 2,500,000th customer, but he seemed quite displeased. He must have known that I cheated by several places. He also seemed unhappy that I had to improvise on the congratulatory bouquet. I must confess that I am worried about Mr. Customer. He appears to be unwell, even though when I asked if he needed me to call the medical office, he refused loudly. Mr. Customer also keeps saying that he is not a customer, but if that is the case, then why has he come to the planetarium?

However, all of this is secondary to the terrible thing that happened today! I began the procedure for the presentation, explaining all the necessary rules and regulations. But then, when it came to introduce Miss Jena, nothing happened! Miss Jena is broken. And without Mr. Manager and the others here, this situation is beyond my control. I do not know how to fix the projector.

Perhaps I should ask Mr. Customer when he wakes up. He is sleeping now, and I do not want to disturb him. He must have been very tired.
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2009-03-31 11:14 pm
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As journals are for making note of exciting or unusual occurrances in one's days, I shall make a post!

It was raining again today, but there was far more than usual. The lower levels of the Flowercrest Department Store appear to be flooded. It would be logical to assume that we are closed today, but I have received no message to that effect. As such, I can only continue operations as normal, on the small chance that customers will arrive today.

I hope that everybody that normally works downstairs is safe. I hope Mr. Manager and the others are safe too, on their vacation, and that they come back soon, fully rested!